Art in Odd Places 2021

Visual identity for a grassroots performance art festival

branding, visual design, web design

Art in Odd Places (known by its friends as “AiOP”) is a grassroots performance art festival that takes place on 14th Street in Manhattan once a year. This year’s festival, “NORMAL,” will present artists from diverse backgrounds who seek to critique the mythos of the American Dream and the history of American politics. Working closely with the curator, Furusho von Puttkammer, I am developing the 2021 festival’s visual identity and all associated graphics, including social media content, presentations, forms, flyers, design and development of the year’s website, and more.

The theme

The visual identity takes systematic structured grids and tears soft organic holes in them, revealing images below — views into “normal” life. The grids were built in 3D and exported as flat vector outlines with live strokes, and the portal shapes are drawn freehand or sometimes generated through code, depending on the application.

A series of single-colour wordmarks have been developed for when full-bleed imagery is not practical — as on a printed letterhead. Without the portal element behind it, a single letter from the type changes form on its own.

But wait, there’s more!

Bumped to May from its usual October, the festival is still a ways away, so documentation of the website, merch, and more will be added to this page over the next few months.

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