Visual identity for the Design & Technology '16 thesis show

branding, creative coding, web

I was tasked with designing the visual identity for the BFA Designing and Technology class of 2016 thesis exhibition. The show, which displayed the work of the 16 DT grads, myself included, ran from May 17th–21st at The New School.

Due to the visual and technological variety of projects in the show, I chose to keep the design rather simple and unobtrusive, while still throwing in a little of that dynamic Design and Technology spark. My first trouble was that name of the show, “Supertranspositions” (chosen by class vote), was quite a toughy to work with; it’s 19 characters, but can’t be split up just any which way. I created posters of various sizes, a Facebook event banner, wall plaques for the event space, pamphlets for the event space with a map, and lastly, I developped an interactive landing page for the website. I also helped in the production and development of the website.

The interactive landing page dynamically resizes and readjusts its layout based on screen dimensions. The distorted area responds to the horizontal position of the mouse, defaulting to a randomized location if the mouse is beyond the frame to ensure the visual effect is sustained.

2016 Calendar

A rizoprinted calendar full of fantastical creatures

illustration, print