À Couteaux Tirés

Animating a music video for Québécois duo Bronswick

illustration, animation, art direction

Along with director Ariel Poupart and motion designer Laurine Haddock, I produced all the illustration and frame-by-frame animation for Bronswick's "À Couteaux Tirés," rotoscoping the main character movements from shots of the band filmed by Poupart, and creating the fictional spaces the characters occupy.

Stepping up to the task with no prior frame animation experience, I produced over 1500 frames and assets for 63 individual shots.

The video was released by Lisbon Lux Records in June 2020.

Thanks to Musicaction and Lisbon Lux Records for making this possible, and to Catherine, Bertrand, and my friend Ariel Poupart for bringing me on board.

Gentex Vehicle Simulator

An immersive experience showcasing automotive tech

user experience, visual design, animation