I started this project one evening after looking at my work and seeing just how many rectangles I'd been drawing. "I know," I thought, "I'll draw some cubes." I don't recall exactly the moment I decided on candle-holders, but I light quite a few candles, so I suppose that had something to do with it. After several iterations and resolved problems, I found myself with a script that creates a new tealight candle-holder on every run, based on a few randomized parameters.

tealight photo

My first attempts did actually use cubes (pictured below), though after familiarizing myself more with the functions of OpenSCAD, I managed some more organic looking shapes, which I much preferred.

Later, on my first try opening my file in the Makerbot software, I discovered that what I thought had been diameters were actually radii—whoops—so I had to go back and edit my script, which wasn't all too difficult as my most important values were conveniently saved to variables.

tealighttealight tealight render tealight render tealight render tealight photo

After double checking my newly resized models, I printed out a single one and tested it to be sure the heat sensitive plastic wouldn't melt upon contact with the candle—a friend's concern. The heat produced by these little candles is not nearly hot enough to have any effect on the PLA plastic, and so all was well.

Finally, I printed out a few other choice models, in sets of 3.

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